Holy Books

One of the London’s most important Sikh Gurudwaras housing priceless religious books was attacked by arsonist. This was a deliberate act, a religious hate crime. Women that were gathered for prayers spotted a man in the holiest area, suspected him and tried to stop him. But he escaped. They managed to save some books.

A few days ago racist graffiti was noticed on outer walls of this building. The building, which dates back to 1854 was formerly a synagoue and before that a chapel.

Attack on any place of worship should be condemned. It is a heinous crime, that rips the guts off people of faith.

Historically, the conqueror always destroyed the places of worship in the conquered land, so his hold over the land is fortified. Faith is the rallying point for many and if that is weakened, resistance can be destroyed easily. This modus operandi was successfully used by the Islamic crusaders.

Places of worship should be AA+ protected places in these days.



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