Dalai Lama and Peace

dalai-lamaxIt is a disgrace that South African government has denied Dalai Lama visa to enter South Africa because of his fight for the freedom of his country. China influenced South Africa and stopped Dalai Lama from attending Peace Conference to be held from Friday. It is shameful for South Africa to do this as it had fought and won against this sort of discrimination.

China is flexing its muscles and South Africa acted on its economic interests. South Africa conveniently forgot that its leaders were welcomed in other countries for their principles when they were banned by their own government. Tibet is economically weak, but it has a right for freedom.

In matters of peace Dalai Lama stands tall. Desmond Tutu and De Klerk protested this move of their government and refused to attend the peace conference. Now many other Nobel Peace Prize winners withdrew from this conference and it has been finally postponed. Its a victory for democracy and equal oppotunity for all.



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