Death of a Currency

Inflation in Zimbabwe hit 231 million percent, essentially wiping out the currency’s value. Ridiculous, everyone will think. “Can’t be true” is the general reaction from outside world. But it has been admitted during the 2009 budget presentation by the Finance Minister of Zimbabwe Tendai Biti. He said that “The death of the (Zimbabwean) dollar is a reality we have to live with.”

How people can live in a country where the prices of goods and services will increase at that rate? How there can be any ‘future’ trade. I, with my limited knowledge, can not perceive it.

My second thought is how Robert Mugabe can get elected in every election, for so long? Why don’t people of his country revolt? Why can’t they force a change for a better life? Recently, I had read a report that he had bought a mansion in Hong Kong costing 5.7m US dollars. His wife was on spending spree in the Far East spending on clothes and shoes and bags.

How long a people will  sustain injustices of this sort.  What makes them so docile?


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