Pound of Flesh

A.I.G is paying bonuses to retain talent. It is butter on both sides for the employees of A.I.G. They get bonus if AIG makes a profit. They still get a bonus if A.I.G. is written in red. They are the talented people, and all financial institutions will be fighting to hire them. God is siding with the blessed.

Bankers and Financial experts with their eye on super profits and super competition brought this avalanche on us. Financial experts failed to deliver. Their short sighted decisions are the main reason for this mess. Still they get paid for their folly, through common-man’s kitty?

But I just wonder whether all of them want their pound of flesh? There many be some people, whose conscience is hurting. It is necessary to know where exactly the money was disbursed. The good people in the herd should be recognized.

Obama is rightfully angry with AIG for squandering the tax payers money. Lets wait and see the results.



One Response to “Pound of Flesh”

  1. esther Says:

    There is lots of noise about AIG bonuses on the net. Society is up with cudgels.

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