SUDOKU – Tough Nut

I have tried several times to solve Sudoku puzzles.  But it is a tough nut to crack without help.  I rarely finish a full grid. Most of the times,  I leave it in about half an hour, completely lost, without reaching anywhere.

Sudoku is a very easy puzzle, it generally has grids of 81 squares, nine across and nine down. Some boxes have a number filled in; the rest are blank. Players must fill in the blank squares with numbers between 1 and 9 without repeating any numbers in a row, column or the nine interior 3-by-3 boxes of the puzzle.  See, it is that simple.

But…. there is a big ‘but’ there. I see it as a simple logic puzzle than a mathematical puzzle.  One simply concentrates on the grid  and based on where other numbers are located, logically narrows down which number goes where.  But for this, trial and error method is the only option to solve it.

Well, I cant.  I think it is time for me to move on.



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