The man whose group led the vicious attack on women in a Pub, in Mangalore, Karnataka, India has been banned from Southern Karnataka for a year.

Tremendous pressure from Women’s groups and other right thinking people on the government has resulted in this action.  The Nationalist Party government in Karnataka was pussy footing from taking action against these moral police.  But harsh criticism of “talibanization” of Mangalore did the trick and pushed the government to act.

A Mangalore court on Monday ordered Pramod Muthalik of the Shri Ram Sene to stay out of the district for one year. This is some consolation for the girls who were beated up by his rowdies.

Muthalik’s supporters played the moral police attacking women in a pub. They claimed to be custodians of Indian Culture and said pub culture was anti-Indian. Muthalik defended the violent attacks and initially even said his men had done no wrong.

Ironically, the men who led the attack are still free.



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